antonInterview with Anton Wazlawik, employee at Pondering Gardens Landscaping right here in River Falls, WI.

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Build Your MusclesEvery January, people write down their New Year’s resolutions that they plan to work on during the following 12 months. As you may know, getting trimmer and healthier is typically the number 1 goal in America. If you were one of those people, we have a perfect way for you to tone your muscles and get healthy while you work: be a Landscape Installation Technician or Supervisor with Pondering Gardens Landscaping. If you’re in doubt, let us show you the muscles you’ll use while doing manual labor as a landscaper. Someday soon you can have muscles just like you’ve always dreamed.

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Carterpillar excavating dirt in a large forest lined yard.You’ve hit snooze on your alarm for millionth time, and when you do finally drag yourself to work you are treated like another number, memorizing mind numbing tasks you’ll never need outside your dead end job. Maybe it’s time you found a job that empowers you by giving you the opportunity to explore your creativity, experience the satisfaction of completing large projects all while building skills in leadership, teamwork and learning valuable technical skills.

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9 Epic Summer Uses For Your New Patio8 3There’s always the fun run of the mill things to do on your new patio - roast marshmallows over the fire pit, have friends over for a refreshing evening cocktail but every so often, we all want to take it up a notch or two. Here are 9 awesomely epic things to do on your new patio before the summer is over.

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Header 5 TipsWe know you want your landscaping to look amazing and your project to be flawless. While you’re working hard on your yard with your landscaping professional, we’ve come up with 5 expert tips for making your relationship with your landscaper as smooth as possible. Use these tips yourself and then share with your friends when they start their own projects inspired by your landscaping wonder!

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