Header 5 TipsWe know you want your landscaping to look amazing and your project to be flawless. While you’re working hard on your yard with your landscaping professional, we’ve come up with 5 expert tips for making your relationship with your landscaper as smooth as possible. Use these tips yourself and then share with your friends when they start their own projects inspired by your landscaping wonder!

S. Let Your Creativity Flow1. Let Your Creativity Flow

Some of our favorite projects are ones where we get to be creative, use new techniques, try different ideas, and collaborate with the client on making something unique. Don’t be afraid to use us to develop your vision of something that is truly yours and unique.

S.Communicate Your Expectations2. Communication Your Expectations

While we are experts at our job and want to do our best to give you exactly what you want, we are not mind readers. We will do our best to ask the right questions so we have the information we need to make your landscaping dreams come true but don’t be shy about communicating your expectations to us. It is better for us to know what you’d like ahead of time so we’re working from a healthy place of understanding. Communicate your expectations to us at the beginning and throughout the project.

S.Be A Budgeter3. Be a Budgeter, Just This Once

We know it’s tough sometimes to have a comprehensive knowledge of the costs it takes to complete a landscaping project, which is why we are here to help! However, it is important that as we plan the project, we are aware of your ideal budget. That will help us use our knowledge to maximize your space and budget.

S.Dont Be a Micro Manager4. Don’t Be A Micromanager

We have years of experience, special education and titles up the wazoo; in conclusions: we are experts at our job. We want to give you the best experience possible and let you sit back and relax after you’ve explained to us what you’re looking for. Let us do the hard work of managing so you don’t have to!

If you do have a tendency to micromanage, it’s okay, we can still work with you! We would just ask that you refer for tip #2 for this one and make sure you communicate your expectations to us early on so we can meet the level of detail that you’d like. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy either!

S.Have Fun5. Have fun!

In the end, along with an amazing finished project, we want you to have fun along the way as well. From planning and dreaming, to seeing the blocks fall in place, then finally being able to enjoy your new landscaping; working with Pondering Gardens should be an exciting journey. We can’t wait to make a memorable landscaping experience for you!

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