9 Epic Summer Uses For Your New Patio8 3There’s always the fun run of the mill things to do on your new patio - roast marshmallows over the fire pit, have friends over for a refreshing evening cocktail but every so often, we all want to take it up a notch or two. Here are 9 awesomely epic things to do on your new patio before the summer is over.

1. S’mores are a classic but to crank this up to 11, make a huge s’mores bar for your next party! Include different types of candy, cookies, and graham crackers to mix things up. Get creative with your toppings!

2. Have a slumber party with your kids under the stars. Lay down a tarp, put down all the cushions of your outdoor furniture, grab as many blankets and pillows as you can, and enjoy the beautiful night sky! Make sure to check the weather forecast before! (Pro tip: we won’t judge you if you sleep on an air mattress while your kids sleep on the cushions)

3. Throw a Gigantic-Ginormous Party. Giant yard games are huge these days (funny pun warning!). With giant Jenga, giant dice games, giant connect four and so many other options, you can make giant yard games just the beginning of your ginormous party. Have enormous marshmallows to roast, make a colossal cupcake cake, decorate with oversize balloons and confetti! This one will be lots of fun to plan!

4. Build a tiny pergola with a bench swing underneath. A personal dream would be to create a giant swing on a patio. Let us know if you figure out how to make that happen!

5. Insert a giant chess/checker board into your patio. If you’re any good at chess or checkers (or want your kids to be!), this idea is perfect for you. You’ll have to work with your landscaper to turn this idea into a reality but what better way to challenge your mind! You and your guests will enjoy the unique experiences with your new chess board patio!

6. Project your favorite movie onto the side of your house or a big white sheet for movie night. You can enjoy the big picture from the comfort of your new space. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, build a screen for your projector to get a great picture.

7. It’s time to take the fire pit up a notch and create an outdoor fireplace. Just imagining the space sounds incredibly cozy and inviting. There’s no better way to create an intimate and creative space than with a fireplace.

8. Build you dream pergola over the new patio. Grow some climbing plants or hang flower baskets and enjoy the color. Such an inviting place!

9. Beat a world record right from your patio. You and your group of friends could conquer the world together right? Prove that by beating a world record right from your patio! Just think of all the stories you could tell at every party about what happened right where you’re standing.

If you’re not up for any of these epic uses for your patio this summer, don’t fret. The great thing about your new patio is that it’s yours to use in whatever way you desire. Whether you choose to have a few friends over, a giant party or enjoy the beautiful space in peace, the crowning glory of your patio is that it’s yours!

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