Carterpillar excavating dirt in a large forest lined yard.You’ve hit snooze on your alarm for millionth time, and when you do finally drag yourself to work you are treated like another number, memorizing mind numbing tasks you’ll never need outside your dead end job. Maybe it’s time you found a job that empowers you by giving you the opportunity to explore your creativity, experience the satisfaction of completing large projects all while building skills in leadership, teamwork and learning valuable technical skills.

A career in landscaping could be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, we’ve put together a few simple ways to check out landscaping and see that it’s more than just another job, it’s a career with a lot of great benefits.

1. Learn your flora
Do you know your trees and plants? Local classes and gardening clubs are a great way to educate yourself on plants and what it takes to keep them healthy, to maintain them and of course what plants work best in different landscapes and uses.   Check out these gardening clubs in Pierce County!

2. Learn your fauna (bobcats, caterpillars)
All landscapers have to get pretty handy at the fauna of the landscaping world, that is - skid loaders, heavy trucks, and excavators that are required to mold and sculpt landscaping. Getting on the job training with different equipment is a valuable skill that can be used in many different industries, another big benefit of a career in landscaping. Check out the link below and scroll down on the page to view free safety videos from Bobcat to get your training started!

3. Learn your techniques
Do you understand how water management plays a role in a terraced yard? Or what it takes to properly prepare a base for a flagstone patio? These are just a few examples of the types of planning and problem solving that regularly accompany the challenge of creating a unique and exciting outdoor landscape. While on the job training is the best way to get all of these skills you can learn start today for free! Retailers like Home Depot regularly offer classes on basic landscaping skills so you can start your training right away.

4. Apply at Pondering Gardens

The simplest and best way to jump start your landscaping career is to apply for a position at a great landscaping company right in River Falls. There you will be mentored and shown the most up to date techniques and tricks of the trade. You will find no better place to learn alongside well trained professionals and become a master yourself. Apply with us today!

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