antonInterview with Anton Wazlawik, employee at Pondering Gardens Landscaping right here in River Falls, WI.

How long have you worked for Pondering Gardens?
I’ve worked for Pondering Gardens for over a year.

What is your favorite part of working as a landscaper?
I really enjoy being able to work outside. You get a great full body workout and getting a tan is great! It’s also really fulfilling to see how hectic a yard looks before we start and being able to see the finished product. It’s fun to drive by later and see work that I’ve been a part of and see it looking great.

anton worksWhat is the most challenging aspect of being a landscaper?
The heat can be intense and the physical work is hard but seeing the end results makes the work enjoyable.

What is your specialty within the Pondering Gardens crew?
I am the one who lays down the edging and the sod as well. My dad is in construction and I’ve helped him with construction projects so getting into landscaping was an easy transition.

How do you like working for Pondering Gardens and the owner Chadd?
Working for Chadd has been great. You have to learn how Chadd does things but once you do, you can see that everything is always done for a reason. His number one priority is to do quality work. I’ve learned a whole lot and it’s been a good experience.

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