Young boy in green overalls, a red hoodie, and a knit hat, gardening.At one time or another, every parent finds themselves saying to their children: "Go outside". What better way to get your children, or your busy self outdoors than by growing and caring for plants? Plants are a something that everyone takes pride in when they flourish. Here are 10 plants that are easy for kids to grow and take care of. They are broken into three categories: Garden, Flowers, and House Plants.

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Fire pit bonfireTemperatures are heating up, summer break is just around the corner, and family fun is on the menu.  What can be more fun than creating and enjoying that perfect s’more with your family?  Building your own fire pit!  There are a few steps you need to think about before you begin:

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Old world swallowtail butterfly perched on an orange marigold.Soccer practice, piano recitals, working late, making dinner, today’s fast pace doesn’t provide much time for improving your landscaping. Which is why we’ve put together a list of plants and flowers that will make your yard look beautiful and provide low-cost, easy maintenance all spring and summer long allowing you to slow down, relax and enjoy your outdoor space!

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Stone fire pit with two adirondack chairs.Pondering Gardens knows that the way your yard looks is important to you, we’ve compiled our top five landscaping trends of 2016 to help you keep your yard fresh and inspired! We are constantly looking at the latest trends and styles for our customers, to set Pondering Gardens ahead of the competition. We hope this list will inspire you to get out and create something special in your own yard. We have years of expertise and the professional know-how to make your yard into the warm welcoming outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of!

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A beautiful stone patio with a table and chairs, surrounded by trees.We’ve all driven by our neighbor’s pristinely manicured lawn with the perfected landscape and grasped at what we should do with our own yard. Look no further for your guide to the top landscaping trends for this season. From the grass, flowers, structures and more, we have provided a list to help you make your landscape and garden the envy of all your neighbors.

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