Brunette woman smiling, laying in tall green grass.Working in the garden or as a landscaper offers a plethora of health benefits. Not only is working outdoors relaxing and provides the opportunity to connect with nature, many gardeners and landscapers view it as the perfect antidote to the modern world, a way of reclaiming some of the intangible things we've lost in our busy, dirt-free lives. Working outdoors can provide a source of fresh, healthy produce, ease stress, keep you limber, and even improve your mood.

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Man in overalls jumping into the air holding building plansOn-the-job experience, working as a landscaper, provides the opportunity to expand your current skill set. Gaining new experiences in our market makes you a much more valuable and marketable candidate for job openings. Whether the job opening is in the landscaping industry or another line of work, the skills and experiences you gain from working with Pondering Gardens LLC will give you a “one up” on your competition.

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Build a Career in Landscaping. Man with notebook and laptop searching for a jobWorking in the landscaping industry does not just have to be a summer job. It can be a lifelong career opportunity! If you have a passion for being outdoors, learning more about the business model for a landscaping company and want to contribute to a positive team environment, Pondering Gardens LLC wants to hear from you! We are always looking to expand our workforce and add valuable employees to our team!
We offer on-the-job training to those individuals with or without landscaping experience. If you are looking to build your resume with a new career opportunity, there is an infinite amount of learning benefits and opportunities being employed with Pondering Gardens LLC.

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Young blond woman stretching on a track field.Calling all college students! While you aren’t hitting the books and studying hard in the coming months, stay in shape this summer break! One of the best occupations to keep your heart racing and your body feeling the daily burn is to become a landscaping employee at Pondering Gardens. Daily physical labor paired with breathing in the summer air is the perfect combination to integrate exercise into your daily routine. 
What if someone told you that a healthier and longer life was within your grasp? Working as a landscaper during the summer months is among the top ten occupations guaranteed to keep you in shape. Because of the constant need to be on your feet, moving about a project, bending and lifting, there is no doubt you will get your daily exercise in the landscaping industry.

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Push mower mowing lawn.Climbing. Lifting. Brainstorming. Planting. Consulting. Stooping. These are just some of the many actions and activities a landscape employee will perform and engage in while on the job at Pondering Gardens LLC. Balancing physical and mental capacity will always be kept in check while performing the duties and requirements as an employee of our company. It is fulfilling two needs with one deed! We will explore the value of a landscaping worker in this article along with the expectations and responsibilities of the job.

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