Ever have a plant die unexpectantly or overgrow a planting area? Professional plant installation is not as simple as buying plants at the local box store, digging a hole, and placing the plant in.  There are many questions to consider before the shovel comes out. How large will this plant grow? What are the light requirements for this plant? Do I have proper soil conditions to grow this type of plant? Will this plant interfere with the other existing plant material, culturally as well as visually? Why not leave questions like these to individuals who are educated and trained in this type of field? No two landscape companies are alike in their education and training.

At Pondering Gardens you can be confident that your designer has these answers because of the years of education and experience. Your designer is a college graduate in the field of horticulture as well as a Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association Certified Professional. You can also be confident about the plant installation, as our employees are trained and tested on proper planting procedures to ensure proper growth. We also require continuing education for all of our employees to ensure that Pondering Gardens remains at the forefront of the latest university studies and installation techniques.

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